Gallon Of Paint

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Gallon Of Paint

While your home may have looked absolutely beautiful when brand new, you are responsible for an upkeep if you wish to maintain a pleasant appearance. One of the cornerstones of keeping a fresh look is giving it a new paint job every once in a while. Not only will you revive it looks, you can also experiment with new and exciting colors.

How to select the right paint for your house

Before going to the store and buying any random gallon of paint, you should get to know the different options available and where they’re appropriate. The idea of painting is to give a new lease on the interior or exterior of a home without needing to do expensive renovations. Unfortunately, using the wrong type or color for each room can ruin the atmosphere.

The first barrier to get past is choosing between latex and oil-based sheen. Latex is the common budget paint to get as it is easy to clean up and doesn’t fade so much over time. Oil-based paint has a glossier look and tends to fit well on wood surfaces.

What to use in the bathroom

For the bathroom, you want something that resists the steam from the shower and is easy to clean. This means that shinier sheens are suited for a bathroom.

Of course, you should take into consideration how often the bathroom is used and if you have kids that will make a mess. Something like a guest bathroom would be OK with whatever you find aesthetically appealing, regardless of its cleanliness.

What to use in the kitchen

Just like the bathroom, you will want a surface to resist moisture, soap, grease and whatever goes on in your hot kitchen. This is why you will want a water-resistant, shiny sheen that can essentially be washed with a bit of elbow grease.

Light colors tend to do well, which may include yellow or any shade of white, but that depends on the lighting. You will also need to keep in mind the colors of various fixtures and utilities to make sure that everything combines relatively well. While you probably don’t need a gallon of paint to cover everything, having some spare paint on-hand is useful due to the volatile nature of kitchens.

You will probably want different colors and coats to put on your cabinets for a bit of contrast. If you have wooden cabinets, a glossy oil-based sheen would go well. A semi-gloss for the counter would also be great, or you can use the same paint as used on the wall.

What to use in your bedroom

Your bedroom is your temple of sleep and it should be treated as such. Generally speaking, you will want to use darker colors that will help you fall asleep over lighter ones. Think of red satin, chocolate brown, or olive green for some relaxing color ideas. You will also make sure your curtains, sheets, and furniture match the color scheme in its entirety.

If you respect your home, you won’t use some random cans of paint the hardware store had on sale. If you want an elegant and timeless look, check out the list of retailers that carry our fine European-style paints.

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Gallon Of Paint

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