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FAQs / Miami Hurricane Windows and Doors

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we hear from customers at Signature Impact Windows & Doors in Miami:


What products and services do Signature Impact Windows and Doors offer?

We offer impact doors and windows for both commercial and residential buildings. Our products are of excellent quality to ensure your structure remains standing in the event of extreme weather.


What is a hurricane impact window?

Hurricane impact windows are engineered, and proven windows manufactured to tolerate hurricanes. When installed, these windows can withstand wind speeds of over 350 miles per hour, blowing with flying debris. Hurricane impact windows are unlikely to break hence offer adequate protection to structures.


Why should we choose Signature Impact Windows and Doors?

Signature Impact Windows & Doors has proven its worth in the business by providing high-quality products and state-of-the-art services. We have over 15 years of combined expertise; hence, equipped with adequate knowledge to serve you better. Besides, we meet and go above manufacture specifications to comply with warranty guidelines. We also offer prompt, pocket-friendly, and 100% financing solutions to our customers.


What are the benefits of using your Miami impact windows and doors product?

Here at Signature Impact Windows & Doors in Miami, we thrive in providing the best products, ensuring the best from us. Our products guarantee the protection of your structure during hurricane seasons, which accompany high winds and debris. Other benefits include;


How will I know the ideal brand or hurricane impact windows and doors type that best suits my home?

Before considering any impact windows and doors, it is essential to consider several factors to choose the right product. But here at Signature Impact Windows and Doors, we guide you to the right path by offering a range of top-quality products. We have a highly skillful and qualified team to work with you to get the best impact enclosure for your home.


How do I prepare for impact window installation in my home?

Once you request impact window installation in your home, the entire process will take place within that area. Intrinsically, remove curtains, blinds, and shades before the installer arrives. If you have any furniture or wall decorations, ensure you move them away to avoid damage generated during the installation.


Do your impact windows come with screens?

Most of our impact window products come with screens though some types may lack these screens. If you need impact windows accompanied by screens, we can get you the right product to meet your needs.


Can I install regular non-impact windows and save money?

At times, it may seem an effective option to save money installing regular windows. However, standard windows break easily hence little protection when hit. This makes them vulnerable, especially in offering protection against extreme weather conditions. Contrarily, impact windows are robust and can handle any impact with ease throughout the year.

Does your commercial storefront include storefront and related products?

At Signature Impact Windows & Doors, we appreciate the value of keeping your storefront appealing and stand out from the rest. For this reason, we offer various storefront window designs, coming in different styles. Regardless of your business, we will make it a step ahead of your competitors.


Can you open impact windows?

Like casement windows, impact windows are entirely open despite being the best products to keep your home and business protected. We have a variety of these hurricane-proof windows where you can open whenever you need.


Do impact windows increase home value?

Impact windows play a vital role in increasing your property’s value while giving homeowners an excellent return when it comes to investment. These benefits are often noticed when you sell or refinance the home in the future.

How long will it take to order new impact windows and get them installed?

Once you order your impact windows at Signature Impact Windows & Doors, we will deliver all the necessary materials to our warehouse within three weeks. Later we will call you and schedule an appointment for the installation. Typically, the entire process takes roughly six weeks to get everything completed.


What will happen to the window sills I have in my house currently?

The Sills condition of the existing window determines the installation of a new impact window. Regular non-impact windows have a smaller aluminum frame, and if it has a sill installed, the entire window has to be removed to fit the new window properly. Sometimes, enough space in the wall exterior can help us fix the new impact window in the same length as the old one.

For more information regarding our impact window products and installation, contact us to find out more tofay!