Energy Efficient Doors in South Florida

Making your home or business more energy efficient has many benefits. Some of these include more comfortable and consistent temperatures, better air quality, and lower utility bills. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by installing energy-efficient impact doors.

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What Are Energy Efficient Doors?

Energy efficient doors are highly insulated, provide a better seal against the elements, and are made from materials that regulate temperatures more easily. Installing energy-efficient French doors or energy-efficient sliding doors can make a big impact on your home’s energy usage and monthly bills.

Commercial building energy efficiency is just as important as residential concerns. There is a wide range of door options to increase commercial energy efficiency. Durability is another advantage of energy-efficient doors. When you choose an option made with impact glass, it can even withstand severe storms like hurricanes.

What Are Energy Efficient Measures?

Impact windows and doors are some of the best ways to improve energy efficiency because they reduce the amount of energy required to cool and heat your home. The best energy-efficient entry doors feature strong glass that also protects your property from hurricanes and severe weather. They even result in lowered insurance premiums. There is a range of energy-efficient French patio doors, entry doors, and even garage doors that are attractive and add to your home’s curb appeal. Popular materials that improve energy efficiency include vinyl and fiberglass.

Hurricane Proof Windows and Doors

There are many choices for both residential and commercial spaces.

Options for high impact doors include:

When you install impact glass, you gain 24/7 protection and many other advantages. For example, a hurricane rated garage door offers UV protection to prevent fading and wear to items you have stored.

Why Do You Need Impact Windows and Doors Installed?

Installing impact windows and doors offers greater protection from hurricanes than regular windows. Plus, your property is protected year-round, without the need to hang storm shutters or take other time-consuming measures. It’s a good idea to choose impact windows and doors for new construction, or consider an upgrade on your property.

Hurricane resistant doors and windows are made from impact-resistant glass that is built to withstand hurricane-force winds, flying debris, and repeated impacts. They also provide a host of other benefits aside from increased energy efficiency. You will get greater protection against break-ins, a reduction in noise, and UV protection.

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Hurricane Doors Financing

Do you want the best impact windows and doors in Miami but worry about the cost? The good news is that there are 100% impact window financing options and tax incentives for energy-efficient upgrades that make installing energy efficient entry doors, energy efficient commercial doors, and windows for your home or business more affordable.

The Florida Renewable Energy Technologies and Energy Efficient Act provides grants and loans for qualifying individuals that use energy efficient home design ideas such as impact windows and doors. Some programs reimburse the cost of improvements you paid out of pocket while others provide low-interest loans to make updates easier on your budget. There is also a tax deductible for energy efficient home improvements that you can claim to lower your tax obligation.

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