Do Impact Windows Break?

You have probably heard people in South Florida speak about their impact windows and how strong they are. Impact windows were specifically designed to withstand powerful winds, hailstones, blunt force objects, and other strong forces.

How Strong are Impact Windows?

There are numerous myths suggesting that impact windows are not that sturdy. Some say applying force against the glass or tapping your window can combat breakage-but these myths have been proven wrong.

Fortunately, impact windows are reliable and sturdy to the point that impact strength in most typical storm conditions should not even be a concern. That’s why in this post we give you the reasons why you should trust impact windows on your premises. While impact windows do come in a variety of strengths, most base models deliver heavy-duty protection, with provisions to improve the integrity of your glass for stronger winds.

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Different Impact Windows are Designed to Withstand Various Forces

In response to the many customers who have asked, ‘Do Impact Windows Break?’

While all impact windows are strong and reliable, every pane can be designed differently depending on the level of strength you require. For instance, an impact window designed to endure Category 2 Hurricane Forces is not similar to a window frame or glass that is intended for Category 4.

Did you know that hurricane categories are rated based on wind speed miles per hour? Now you know! So, glasses are designed to endure the high impacts of objects at various speeds. This is to ensure that these windows can stop high speed debris that could be thrown onto your homes at high speeds by powerful hurricanes. For instance, Signature Impact Windows & Doors in Miami, are known for CGI-produced impact windows that can endure the pressure of up to +55/-65 pounds per square foot, but every impact window is different.

Signature’s impact windows meet all the standards for design and pressure for Zone 4 or Zone 5 winds. More importantly, they comply with the strictest of Fort Lauderdale Building Codes. When searching for impact windows and doors, look for a manufacturer with documented Notice of Acceptance by Miami-Dade County (NOAs) for their commodities.

It is important to bear in mind that different counties necessitate different levels of protection. This is why you need to confirm that your manufacturer is highly rated in production of impact windows  meant for High-Speed Hurricane Zones. A well trained and experienced impact-certified hurricane window technician in Fort Lauderdale can deliver the finest impact window choice for you.

What Makes Impact Windows So Resistant to Hurricanes?

Impact windows are designed and constructed very differently than common windows. They are typically made of both laminated and tempered glass coupled with ultra-heavy-duty framing. This gives them additional strength.

These windows are heated and cooled to thicken and improve their durability. Laminated glass, on the other hand, is created by integrating two or more panes of glass containing a thin layer of vinyl or film in between. That means that impact windows have two layers of protection, and a film incorporated in the center of laminated glass to make sure that even if the window cracks, it will not fling and shatter dangerous shards across your home.

Impact Windows are Designed with High Design Pressure

Design pressure is the amount of force exerted on your window during a hurricane or a storm. It is important to gain an understanding of your window’s design pressure because this rating denotes the maximum negative and positive wind load that your impact window can withstand without breaking. The Fort Lauderdale Building Code mandates that all newly installed impact windows Fort Lauderdale meet a minimum design load.

Measuring the minimum design pressure is a task that is typically conducted by structural engineers that take into account such factors as roof height, the slope of your roof, exposure, and wind speed in contrast to the height and width of your impact window.

A high design pressure rating is an indication that your impact window is more resistant to the effects of wind and other forces. In shopping for impact windows you should go for the one with the highest rating.

Impact Windows Splinter, They Do Not Shatter

Impact windows are designed in a similar way as your car’s windshield. A plastic interlayer is used to separate the different layers of glass. This interlayer is responsible for keeping the panels of glass intact following an impact. Instead of shattering like a typical pane of glass, impact windows Fort Lauderdale will splinter. They will not breakthrough. What this means to your safety is that a strong hurricane or storm cannot smash it. An effective impact window will simply not provide an opening at all.

Impact windows give you the peace of mind that you very much desire in the event of a hurricane or other forms of storm. Knowing that no matter how strong the storm might be, you are sure that your home and family will be fully protected. This will even improve your morale and help you to tackle your daily businesses without worries.