Choosing the Right Hurricane Windows Fort Lauderdale

Hurricane Windows Fort LauderdaleHurricanes are a common natural disaster in Fort Lauderdale. It is crucial that you take precautions to keep your house safe from damaging winds and debris. There is a lot of precautions you can take to protect your home, with one being hurricane impact windows.

However, the process of choosing and purchasing the best Hurricane windows isn’t as straightforward and simple as it appears. It is important that you take the right steps when choosing  hurricane windows Fort Lauderdale lest you opt for an unreliable or fake hurricane impact window type.

Strong Testing

The best way to guarantee that a hurricane window is truly impact-resistant is to test them against simulated storm conditions such as static water testing, cyclic testing, and impact testing. So, check the strong test results from the hurricane window you want to buy. For instance, the hurricane windows we offer at Signature Impact Windows and Doors have undergone series of the aforementioned strong tests with great results. 

Our glasses are four times stronger than regular glass, and if the glass is damaged, it still has an interlayer that holds it together, thus keeping out unwanted debris from entering the house. 

Heavy-Duty Frames

A standard hurricane has sustained winds of up to 100 mph, so you need to ensure that your hurricane impact windows are secure and the frames can secure the glasses. You may want to go for heavy-duty materials such as vinyl and aluminum – both of these materials are widely lauded for their strength and durability. Also, you want to look for vital features of the heavy-duty frames like a constant force balance system, embedded tilt latches for more security, and cohesive corner keys for added sash strength.

Lower Energy Costs 

Good Hurricane windows come with lots of glass options. Depending on the glass you choose, energy efficiency can increase significantly while you stay on budget. Tinted laminated glass is one of the most cost-effective hurricane window glazing options. Besides, insulated or laminated glass with Low Emissivity (LoE) coatings offers even higher energy savings. While these options are a bit more expensive, these glasses provide the best energy efficiency protection. These glasses are also perfect for warm climates such as Fort Lauderdale.

Know Right Shapes and Sizes of the Window Where You Will Install It

Custom sizes of the windows are ideal to suitably patch up the window space and give your house a cosmetically amazing look. A custom-size hurricane window means the glass fits perfectly and opens with small difficulty while eliminating any chances of air and water leakage.

Trust Signature Impact Windows and Doors 

At Signature Impact Windows and Doors, we are proud to offer top-tier hurricane windows Fort Lauderdale. Signature Impact Windows and Doors is an insured and licensed company serving residential and commercial clients in Fort Lauderdale and its surrounding area. We offer only the best quality hurricane windows and installation service. To learn more about the hurricane impact windows and installation services we offer, contact us today or visit our showroom to see them for yourself.


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