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 <a target=impact windows palm beach” />Impact windows or impact-resistant windows are a necessity in a storm or hurricane-prone areas such as Florida. They are designed to offer additional layers of protection against strong winds and floating debris. They look like regular windows but feature unique construction. Two panes of impact-proof laminated glass are bound together with polyvinyl butyral. A silicone glazing process marries the panes to heavy-duty frames to prevent them from breaking away. Framing material can be heavy-duty aluminum or vinyl.

Impact windows are available in various styles such as single or double-hung, sliding, casement, awning, picture, and architectural. 


Whereas hurricane shutters offer some physical barrier in adverse weather events, they do not provide the same level of protection and transparency. Other benefits of impact windows include:

Single Installation 

Installation of impact windows is a one-off event that involves the replacement of the existing windows and frames. There are no follow-up requirements, and the only maintenance is regular cleaning. They offer continuous protection, unlike hurricane shutters that have to be installed every storm season. With impact-resistant windows and doors installed, you can do away with storm shutters and screens altogether. 

Increased security

The protection offered by impact glass extends to burglar-proofing. Unlike regular glass that shatters when hit, impact glass holds its place, thanks to its synthetic layering. Intruders will neither be able to remove it from its frame nor break it, so your property and values will stay protected. The additional security reduces anxiety for the homeowner as they need not worry about potential damages and losses when a storm hits. 

Noise Reduction

An indirect advantage of impact windows is their soundproofing qualities. The layered glass and sealing around the frame prevent air or sound from leaking. In addition, the absence of movement of sound waves between the interiors and exteriors means you can enjoy the tranquility of your interior spaces. 


The availability of different styles and the fact that impact glasses are not visually different from regular ones means your home’s appearance will not be affected. In addition, unlike storm shutters that block the light, impact glasses are transparent, allowing light to penetrate your interiors even on cloudy days. 


Adding impact glass to your homes makes you eligible for discounts on your home insurance. These discounts are activated when added protection on all entry points in your home, including doors and skylights. In addition, these discounts over time mitigate rising home insurance costs in storm-prone areas such as Florida.

Energy Efficiency

Impact glass is designed to offer an insulating effect. It can keep the heat indoors during the winter and the heat outside during the summer. As a result, it leads to energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint for your property.

UV Protection

UV rays can be damaging to your artwork, books, and fabrics. Impact windows with UV protection prevent degradation of these assets and preserve the appeal and value of your home.

Look for manufacturers offering custom impact windows to get the best fit. They should have a Notice of Acceptance document and an ENERGY STAR qualification on their products. 


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