Are Impact Windows the Same as Hurricane Windows?

Protecting your Miami home from the worst Florida hurricanes and tropical storms is no joke. Balancing the need to protect your house, and the desire to have beautiful windows to let in natural light usually means looking for the best Miami Dade hurricane rated windows. We have some of the best brands available, including Eco, Mr. Glass and Marvin windows and doors.

Be careful, however – not all hurricane windows are created equal. Fortifying their home is a top priority for many South Florida property owners, and it usually starts with hurricane window installation.

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What Is the Difference Between Impact Windows and Hurricane Windows?

When evaluating hurricane vs impact windows, it’s important to realize that while these terms may seem interchangeable, there is a construction difference between them. Hurricane proof windows are only required to withstand a certain level of high winds and provide wind resistance. Impact windows, however, are built both for wind resistance and impact resistance.

So if you’re seeking hurricane window protection options, remember that not only do tropical storms have high-speed winds, but these winds also pick up objects in their path. Trees, furniture, street signs, and other objects may be hurled at your home’s windows, too.

Do I Need Hurricane Windows or Impact Windows?

At Signature Impact Windows & Doors in Miami, we get a lot of questions about hurricane versus impact windows. Many revolve around the level of protection these reinforced windows will give, including “will hurricane impact windows break?” and “are hurricane impact windows soundproof?”

Not only can hurricane impact windows increase the value of your South Florida home or commercial building, they can also increase your enjoyment of the space. Plus, buyers want a home that will be protected during storms, so installing FHA hurricane impact windows not only protects you, but is a smart investment.

Hurricane impact windows are a major upgrade from regular windows. They’re created with a durable, clear laminate between two solid and gale-proof panes. This means that the window will remain intact even when hit with flying debris. While the outside pane may shatter, the protective laminate will keep the inside pane from breaking, shielding the interior of your home and any occupants from flying broken glass.

Installing Hurricane Impact Windows

If you haven’t installed stronger, impact glass windows in your South Florida home or commercial building, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Regardless of whether or not you evacuate your home during a hurricane or tropical storm, broken glass inside can do a lot of damage. Instead, choose to upgrade to impact windows that not only look lovely but also reduce exterior sound and will protect your house during a storm.

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