Are Impact Windows Bulletproof?

South Florida homeowners and businesses often ask our team if impact resistant windows are bulletproof windows. More and more, homeowners in the area aren’t just looking for a higher level of protection from natural causes, but protection from burglary or a home invasion, too. Today, we’re talking about other protection that affordable hurricane windows can provide.

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How Strong Are Hurricane Impact Windows?

Hurricane windows and impact resistant windows are created differently and built to adhere to Florida Building Codes. Hurricane windows are designed to withstand high-force winds but may shatter when an object hits them. On the other hand, impact windows are created from robust and gale-proof glass with a durable laminate liner in between the two plates. This liner prevents the interior side of the window from shattering on impact. Even if the outside window shatters, the inside one remains intact.

Comparing Hurricane Impact Windows and Bulletproof Windows

To compare how strong are hurricane impact windows versus traditional bulletproof glass, we’ll look at how the two are constructed.

Do I Need Hurricane Windows or Impact Windows?

At Signature Impact Windows, we get a lot of questions about hurricane windows versus impact windows. Many revolve around the level of protection these reinforced windows will give, including “will hurricane impact resistant windows break?” and “are hurricane impact windows soundproof?”

Not only do hurricane impact windows increase the value of your home or commercial building, they can also increase your enjoyment of the space. Plus, buyers want a home that will be protected during storms. So, installing FHA hurricane impact windows is a wise investment.

Hurricane impact windows are a major upgrade from regular windows. They’re created with a durable, clear laminate between two solid and gale-proof panes. This means that the window will remain intact even when hit with flying debris. While the outside pane may shatter, the protective laminate will keep the inside pane from breaking, shielding the interior of your home and any occupants from flying broken glass. Hurricane windows, while strong enough to protect from winds, often shatter when hit.

Impact Window Construction

Hurricane-proof windows are crafted from impact-resistant glass treated with a top layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) as a protectant. PVB and EVA are the compounds that make windows shatterproof. When window makers combine the PVB coating with an additional layer of EVA, it adds another layer of protection but also increases the pane’s expense. The average inner layer from PVB and EVA-reinforced windows varies from .010 to .090 inches, and while this seems thin, it’s actually quite a bit of protection.

Thicker interior layers mean more protection and enable the window to take a more powerful impact.

Bulletproof Window Construction

For many iami homeowners, truly bulletproof glass isn’t a viable option for home building. A completely bulletproof door or window would be so solid that seeing through it would be virtually impossible. Instead, most protective glass sold to homeowners is bullet resistant.

Bullet-resistant glass is either solid acrylic or laminated. Acrylic windows protect against flying debris and projectiles and can be created in a variety of thicknesses. When laminate is used for bullet-resistant windows, more layers are added for thickness and added protection. The protective layers of a bullet-resistant window absorb the impact of the bullet, and instead of penetrating the window, the projectile is lodged in it.

Both hurricane impact windows and bullet-resistant windows rely on laminate protection to reinforce the glass. Bullet-resistant windows are thicker than hurricane windows.

Protective Windows For Your Home

The decision to install hurricane impact resistant windows or bullet-resistant windows ultimately depends on weighing your desire to have a higher degree of protection but thicker windows against windows with less projectile projection, and clearer visibility.

Choose from some of the best impact window brands available in the industry:

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