Are Hurricane Windows Required in Florida?

Florida building codes have specific requirements for homes and businesses, including protective windows or shutters. The Florida building code requires that all buildings must have some sort of shatterproof covering, whether it’s custom hurricane windows or shutters that resist flying objects and high winds.

While impact hurricane windows aren’t required, they are recommended by many builders and can be safer for your home than shutters. Plus, well-made impact-resistant windows can look just the same as regular windows, giving you the same views are regular windows will.

are hurricane windows required in Florida

What Are the Best Hurricane Windows?

Because new home construction and home remodels require Miami-Dade approved hurricane windows, finding the right hurricane window company is essential. Signature Impact Windows carries an extensive line of windows that meet local building codes and provide the right protection for your house. The state allows the Florida building code to be updated every three years, so it’s important that you select the best hurricane window company, ones that stay up to date on the changes to regulations.

Since 2017, all new windows and doors must meet the municipality code for projectile protection and wind resistance. Any window replacement or new build must include impact window installation compliant with the Florida building code for impact windows. However, shutters are permitted, as well, so deciding whether or not you wish to have impact hurricane windows or shutters depends on your budget, the size and design of your home, and your overall aesthetic.

Do Hurricane Windows Reduce Noise?

In addition to protecting your home from broken glass and flying objects, hurricane-proof windows can also somewhat help reduce outside noise, making it a tranquil oasis. The best impact-resistant windows have a thin, transparent polymer layer between two panes, which means that the windows are just as clear as regular windows.

Finding the Right Code Compliant Hurricane Windows

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your current one, following the regulations of the Florida building code and the local Miami-Dade building code for windows is important. If your house doesn’t have code-compliant windows, your insurance policy may be invalidated, or you may not be able to collect reimbursement for damages after a storm.

Request a Quote for Hurricane Windows

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